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Approchoach based on volutay, the GlobalG.A.P-real passeport certification for sale is aimed at individual farms and producer groups.

This framwork, which acts as a functional manual for good agricultural practice, is based on te following principles :

Traceability of production practices and products.

Vegetable Production :

  • Plants and seeds long-term preservation of soil fertility.
  • Fighting erosion.
  • Reduce the risk of pollution.
  • Reasoning for crop pro practices.
  • Reason fertility on organic and mineral.
  • Reduce the risks associated with the use of phytosanitary agents.
  • Participate in an aconomical and balanced management of water resouces.

Product handling

  • Principles of hygiene.
  • Packaging and storage.
  • Washing and post-harvest treatment.

Healt, safety and social protection of employees

Management of polluants and waste recycling and reuse.

Preservation of the environnement.

Management of product recalls and customer complaints.

GlobalG.A.P. Certification is awarded for a period of one year.

  • OCACIA offers GlobalG.A.P. Certification in collaboration with TUV NOR INTEGRA.
  • OCACIA constitutes registration files.
  • A certification contract is established between the TUV NOR INTEGRA operation.
  • L’audit est conduit par des auditeurs d’OCACIA habilités par TÜV NORD INTEGRA.
  • Certification is provided by TUV, certifying body partner of OCACIA, accredited and recognized for certification according to GlobalG.A.P.

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