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third party control

third party control

third party control

Third party control is an independent external audit that allows to prove compliance with private standards or procedures specific to companies.

Third party control is exercised:

- or at the request of customers,
- or in the context of a referencing of companies,
- either as part of a supplier evaluation system,
- or at the request of the company to give confidence to its customers or to consumers.

This activity is carried out in a non-accredited framework in compliance with procedures resulting from the general quality system which respect the ethics of the auditing and control standards.
A specific trademark identifies this activity, it can be used by customers who wish to.

We now enjoy a strong reputation in the following ways:

- Potatoes: NF V 25-111 and NF V 25-112
- Cereals: CSA / GTP repository, private repository of good production and storage practices
- Straw and corn cereals: Production charts IRTAC - ARVALIS - Institut du Végétal
- Endives: audit hygiene and traceability
- Fruit and vegetable packaging center: audit hygiene and traceability