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Certification agricultural products


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Certification agricultural products


The oldest official sign of quality, it is the official sign that attests the superior quality of a product. It is a collective approach that brings together all the players in a sector around a Defense and Management Organization.

OCACIA is a certifying body accredited according to NF EN ISO / IEC 17065 by COFRAC and approved by the Ministry of Agriculture. He works in different agricultural and food sectors for the certification of Label Rouge products.

With this experience, we propose to accompany you in the implementation of your certification procedures and the assembly of your file with the INAO.


As a European identification sign, it makes it possible to defend the name and geographical origin of a product, all or part of the production of which takes place within the geographical area defined in the reference system.


This environmentally-friendly mode of agricultural production is based on the lack of use of GMOs and chemicals such as synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.


This certification process makes it possible to certify that the product conforms to specific rules or characteristics (organoleptic, physico-chemical, composition, etc.). These characteristics are based on objective, measurable, controllable and meaningful criteria for the consumer.

In product conformity certification, OCACIA empowers more than 100 operators of the "meat" and "plant" sectors and in particular for the following products :

  • Flour,
  • Bread,
  • Pork meat,
  • Endive,
  • Potato,
  • ...

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