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Accreditations and Approvals


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Accreditations and Approvals

Accreditation COFRAC

OCACIA is accredited by the CORAC for its activities under Sign of Quality Indentification and Origin, CCP and certification of distribution, application and advice to the use of plant protection products.

Accreditation N°5-0063-Certification of agricultural and food products services.
Scope available on

Agrément INAO

OCACIA is also accredited by INAO for its activities under Sign of Quality identification and Origin.
Website of INAO :

OCACIA acquires - for its area of competence and accreditation granted to it- the organization and human technical and financial ressources appropriate while meeting the obligations of competence, efficiency, independence, integrity and confidentiality.


For its activities under Sign of identification of Quality and Origin and CCP ; OCACIA maintains an exhaustive list of accedited activities falling within its scope and ensures control of the flexible scope of this list, available on request.

On forman request, OCACIA is at your disposal and provide :

  • Information about our certification programs and procedures.
  • Information about our pricing conditions applied.
  • Information on the validity of a given certification.
  • A description of the rights and duties of applicants ans clients.
  • The description of our process of handling appeals and complaints.