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Corn certification scheme


Corn certification scheme

As part of the implementation of the CAP reform, maize farms can implement a principle of equivalence to crop rotation diversity through a winter cover measure.

This principle is based on voluntary certification allowing all CAP subsidies to benefit from greening while maintaining a dominant position of maize in the crop rotation.

To be eligible for corn certification, farmers must:

  • Have more than 10 ha of eligible land;
  • Have an arable sole composed of at least 75% maize (all types of maize combined);
  • Have the equivalent of at least 5% of arable land in SIE (Area of​​ Ecological Interest).

The obligations related to the specifications

Implementation of a vegetation cover

Operators involved in the process must obligatorily place a plant cover (according to the list of eligible species) on all the arable land of the holding within 15 days following the harvest date of the last plot of maize.

Warning : Vegetation can not be planted only behind a corn crop.

The cover must be in place until at least February 1.

Permanent Prairies and Sensitive Grasslands

Operators involved in the process must respect the application of the regulations Regional level for the maintenance of permanent grassland.
They also undertake not to return the so-called sensitive grasslands.

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